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Our company provides quality and prompt professional home inspections by NJ inspectors who are licensed by the New Jersey State Board of the Home inspectors. We have been in the home inspection business under the same name and the same ownership since 1986. We have conducted over 16,000 inspections so far on various different types of structures. Inspecting structures is second nature to us.

Home inspection, is a service that helps to give you a clear understanding of the general condition of the home, before you make an expensive purchase. It also helps to identify implicit / undetected problems in the home.

Professionals Home Inspections Starting at $299

Accutech Home Inspection service is an affordable home inspection company that provides comprehensive service at truly competitive rates without cutting into the quality of our work. Nationwide the home inspection fees average between $350 - $750. We offer the best value price for a home inspection and do not any charge for the other extras, being levied in the industry, which is substantially lower than our competition.

Get The Best Weekend Home Inspection Appointment

At Accutech Home inspection Services, we offer the weekend home inspection at no additional cost. This provides a way for you to book your home inspection on time and without the stress of scheduling around your busy schedule during the week days. Late evening inspection time is also available, provided we can see the exterior in the natural light. For interiors have high powered flash lights.

Clean And Easy-To-Follow Custom Home Inspection Reports

All Home Inspection detailed reports are provided within 3 days, as a PDF format so that it can be read on any device, by your Realtor and Attorneys. Reports contain detailed images of the defects so the contractors can see what needs to be addressed.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can help detect humidity, overheated electrical systems, and missing or inadequate insulation throughout the home.

Your home purchase is important. We do not cut corners ever. We inspect every home as though we were buying it for our own selves.

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Your home purchase is important.
We don't cut corners. Ever.

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If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the inspection, simply tell us and we'll either make it right or the inspection is FREE.


We carry $500,000.00 in error and omissions insurance to cover our miscalculations and make sure we aren't sued for those mistakes.

Easy to Schedule

Our online scheduler is available 24/7 and takes about two minutes to set up an appointment.

Exact Reports

We're capable of quickly inducing reports and can give you a variety of formats.

Payment Options

We accept Checks, Credit cards, Cash, and Money orders.

We provide home inspections in all of New Jersey.

Accutech home inspection offers a full-service home inspection service by providing thorough inspections, reports, and informative guides to clients. Each report is tailored to the needs of each individual client. Accutech Home Inspection is a company that provides home inspection services to help home, buildings, and projects owners to proceed before buying the property.

Accutech is a home inspection company in New Jersey. They have certified staff with years of experience and utilize the latest technological equipment and advancements to provide the best customer service. Accutech is a home inspection service that provides home buyers with a through examination of the property, an assessment of its physical condition, and offers recommendations for repairs.

The average home inspection cost varies depending on certain factors such as the size of the property and your location. In fact, we have most competitive fees for home inspection in all categories. It is important to confirm what you can expect to pay for an inspection before you decide whether or not it is worth it for you.